“Parental involvement is one of the most significant factors contributing to a child’s success at school. When parents are involved in their children’s education, the level of student achievement increases.  Students attend school more regularly, they complete more homework in a consistent manner and they demonstrate more positive attitudes towards school…”

School Improvement Planning: A Handbook for Principals, Teachers and School Councils (November 2000)
Education Improvement Commission

Why Be Involved?

Parents play the first and most important role in their children’s education and are key partners in building a quality education system. One purpose of the school council is to promote and support the involvement of all parents in their child/children's learning. This involvement contributes both to the child/children's success in school and to the quality of the school environment.

Participating on School Council is a rewarding experience for all those who value the opportunity to make a difference in their child/children's education.
Membership on School Council benefits the individuals involved by providing the following personal advantages:
  • Being an important partner in the education system, whose views are valued;
  • Contributing to the shared goal of improving student achievement;
  • Have a vehicle through which to express opinions;
  • Being able to stay informed about what is happening at school, the board and at the provincial level of education.

Who Attends School Council Meetings?

If you have a child/children enrolled at Camborne P.S., you are welcome to attend meetings. No experience is required! Just bring your ideas and your enthusiasm - everyone has a voice at the table.

When and Where Are the School Council Meetings Held?

School Council meets approximately once per month in the school library in the evenings. Please check the school newsletter/website for specific dates.

What is Discussed at School Council Meetings?

"To consult" means to seek advice, to confer, to discuss or to deliberate on the views and opinions by others. In the spirit of regulations regarding School Councils, there are clear expectations that all partners be consulted:
  • School boards and principals are to seek advice from their School Councils.
  • School Councils are to seek input from the parents of their school community about matters under their consideration.

Topics of discussion at the Council table include:

  •      Current events
  •      Bullying prevention
  •      School culture
  •      School spirit
  •      Student recognition
  •      EQAO results
  •      Code of Conduct
  •      School Improvement Plans
  •      Literacy and Math Initiatives
  •      Improving communication
  •      Parental Engagement activities

Contact Information

School Council Contact



Jennifer Kirkwood
School Council Chair

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